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Food, Herbs & Supplements:
Natural Medicines contains over 1200 monographs on natural ingredients, including vitamins, herbs, minerals, non-herbal supplements, naturally sourced chemical compounds, and foods. Each monograph provides scientific, evidence-based information on Safety, Effectiveness, Interactions, and more!

In addition to the Professional version, each monograph is also available as a Patient Handout in English, Spanish, and French. These are designed to be given to patients and are written so they can be easily understood by a general consumer.


demo-hwHealth & Wellness:
The Health & Wellness Database contains over 200 monographs covering a wide range of complementary and alternative treatment topics, including specialized diets and therapies. Each monograph provides scientific, evidence-based information on Safety, Effectiveness, Interactions, and more.


Sports Medicine:
Browse the Sports Medicine Database for all monographs relevant to athletic performance, including specific exercise regimes, injury treatments, and sports supplements.


Comparative Effectiveness: [Example]
The Comparative Effectiveness database allows users to review all therapies that might be used for a specific condition in one easy-to-read chart. Each Comparative Effectiveness chart provides a list of natural medicines and therapies that have been studied for a selected condition, ranked by level of effectiveness.



Ss Marketmanufacturers Manufacturers:
Review a list of all Commercial Product manufacturers available in the Natural Medicines Commercial Products Database. Select a manufacturer to access a list of all their products currently included in the database.



demo-cpCommercial Products:
Natural Medicines is home to the largest database of commercial dietary supplement products in the world (over 90,000). Each product monograph includes the product's name, ingredients, effectiveness, safety, interactions, and adverse events. These monographs also feature our Natural Medicines Brand Evidence-based Rating™ (NMBER™). NMBER™ is a unique clinical tool that assigns evidence-based ratings to multi-ingredient, commercially available products based on safety, effectiveness, and overall product quality.



Interaction Checker:
This powerful tool allows you to quickly screen for interactions between natural medicines, including multi-ingredient supplements and conventional medications. Plus, get evidence-based interaction ratings to help you determine which interactions are the most clinically significant.



Nutrient Depletions Thumb Pdf Nutrient Depletion Checker:
The Nutrient Depletion checker shows you which nutrients are depleted by prescription and over-the-counter medications. Enter any medication and get a report showing any nutrients that might be depleted. Plus, get evidence-based depletion ratings so you know which depletion issues are most clinically relevant.



Effectiveness Checker Thumb PdfEffectiveness Checker:
The Effectiveness Checker tells you which natural medicines and integrative therapies work and which do not for specific medical conditions. Enter any medical condition or symptom and get a report showing the Effectiveness Rating for natural medicines and integrative therapies that have been scientifically studied.



Drug Interactions Thumb
Adverse Effects Checker:
The Adverse Effects Checker shows you which natural medicines have the potential to cause specific adverse effects. Select any symptom or side effect and get a list of natural medicines that have evidence to suggest that they might cause that side effect.



Pregnancy Checker Pregnancy & Lactation Checker:
This tool tells you which natural medicines are safe and which to avoid in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Select any natural medicine and instantly find out the evidence-based Safety Rating for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.



Ss Dblanding


Choose from a list of herb classifications to see all monographs within the selected category. There is also a special chart for Caffeine Content of Energy Drinks and Shots.



CE/CME Center


Clinical Management Series:
Evidence-based CE/CME courses focused on clinical management of disease states and medical conditions.




Colleagues Interact

Ss Tools4
Colleagues Interact:
A forum for medical professionals to post questions and discuss topics in natural medicines.