DigestMore Fats & Proteins by Renew Life

NatMed Pro Brand Evidence-based Rating (NMBER)
NMBER Rating 5

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Serving Size   1 Capsule(s)
Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Protein Enzyme Blend
36 mg
(25,000 HUT)
(10 DPPIV)
(50,000 PU)
Acid Protease
(5 SAPU)
Fat Enzyme Blend
21 mg
Lipase Blend
(5,000 FIP)
Carbohydrate & Plant Enzyme Blend
6 mg
(Alpha Galactosidase Note: 50 GaIU)
Fungal Amylase
(250 DU)
(Cellulase Note: 200 CU)
(Pectinase Note: 5 endo-PGU)
Beta Glucanase
(from Cellulase)
(5 BGU)
(from Amylase)
(500 DP)
Dairy Enzyme Blend
1 mg
(Lactase Note: 50 ALU)

Other Ingredients

Maltodextrin, Capsule (Form: Hypromellose, Water), Medium Chain Triglycerides

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