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March 2013

Multivitamins May Not Reduce Heart Complications

A new study presented at the American College of Cardiology's 62nd Annual Scientific Session suggests that multivitamins may not reduce heart complications.

The study participants were 1708 individuals who previously had a heart attack. About one third of participants had diabetes, and more than half of participants had high blood pressure and heart surgery in the past. The vast majority were taking aspirin in addition to blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medication.

Participants were given either a placebo pill or a high dose multivitamin and mineral supplement. These two groups were each split in half again to receive either chelation therapy or a placebo chelation therapy. Participants received 40 chelation therapy treatments over a year and a half.

Chelation refers to the use of any chemical in the blood to remove specific contaminants or toxins. There is theoretical rationale for chelation with cardiovascular disease, namely by the removal of calcium from the heart tissues and plaque. However, there is currently insufficient data to support this use.

After four years into the study, researchers found that the multivitamin and mineral supplement did not reduce heart attack, stroke, blocked arteries, or death from heart complications. However, the individuals receiving both the multivitamin and chelation therapy had a significantly lower percentage of the aforementioned heart complications than the individuals receiving a placebo pill and placebo chelation therapy.

Further research on this topic is warranted.

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