April 2018

Do pregnant women really need DHA supplements?

There are a lot of confusing data out there. The majority of research shows that taking prenatals with DHA is no better for infant cognitive development than taking prenatals without DHA. In fact, a recent study shows that not only does taking DHA during pregnancy NOT improve infant cognition at the age of 18 months or 4 years, it also doesn’t improve IQ by the age of 7 years. But because some early evidence showed benefit and taking DHA has no serious safety concerns, many experts continue to advise pregnant women to take prenatals with DHA. Unfortunately, some pregnant women don’t like the fishy aftertaste from prenatals that contain DHA. Tell these women that it’s ok to take a prenatal vitamin without DHA, especially if DHA is making it difficult for them to take the prenatal vitamin at all.

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