August 2018

Boost brain function with blueberries?

It's the start of another school year, and students and parents might be looking for healthy ways to improve mental performance. Many natural medicines have been studied for this purpose. This year, blueberry is getting some attention. Early research shows that eating 30 grams of freeze dried wild blueberries as a single dose might improve learning in children 7-10 years old. Other early research shows that drinking 12 grams of powdered blueberry mixed with water twice daily for 3 months, the equivalent of eating one cup of fresh blueberries daily, improves certain types of mental function in adults over 60. 

For a list of other natural medicines that might improve cognitive function and memory, including maritime pine and panax ginseng, check out our comparative effectiveness chart. For more details about blueberry, review our recently updated monograph.

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