May 2020

Tips on Using Natural Medicines During COVID-19: Finding the Data You Need

These are difficult times for everyone, particularly for healthcare providers eager to help their patients. Below are some tips on using Natural Medicines to answer COVID-19-related questions – we understand that finding the information you need quickly is crucial.

Most importantly, keep checking the TRC COVID-19 resource Hub for regularly updated data and recommendations surrounding the pandemic.

Advanced Search: Under the general search bar there is an Advanced Search link. This is a powerful tool that allows you to limit a search to specific databases or certain sections of our monographs by checking or unchecking those fields. For example, if you’re looking for information on a specific commercial product, you can limit your search to the Commercial Products database. If you’re looking for an herb with a specific mechanism of action, for example anxiolytic effects, you can limit your search to just the Mechanism of Action section of our Foods, Herbs and Supplements monographs and search for the “anxiolytic” key term.

Clinical Management Series & Comparative Effectiveness Charts: We also have resources for finding information on specific conditions and natural medicines that have been studied for those conditions. While our CE/CME courses do offer CE credit, you don’t need to take the course to utilize the information. Many of our courses are condition-based – if you have a patient with insomnia or anxiety, check out these courses. We provide bottom line information about safety and effectiveness so that you can counsel your patients effectively. At the end of most courses we include a stop-light chart that summarizes the safety and effectiveness information for all topics discussed in the CE. If you want a broader view of which natural medicines have been studied for certain conditions, check out our Comparative Effectiveness charts – then you can drill down to specific monographs for more in-depth data. While there’s no evidence that natural medicines can prevent or treat COVID-19, certain supplements might be beneficial for alleviating mental health concerns associated with the pandemic.

News: While we release our news articles in our monthly newsletter, all of our previous articles are archived in our News section. These articles tackle common questions about natural medicines in the healthcare world – aiming to support providers with the data they need. If you missed an issue, you can use this section as your resource for current events and hot topics.

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