April 2021

We’re Making Changes to our Monographs!

We briefly mentioned last month that we’re making changes to our professional monographs. The goal is to provide you with more succinct and efficient answers. Some of these changes are now live.

Here are the major content enhancements - you’ll see these applied to more topics in the coming months:

  • Overview: Our overview section is more concise and now includes important warnings. We identify any major regulatory or safety concerns about an ingredient right at the top, so you don’t need to scroll down and sift through safety data. COVID-19-related warnings will remain in this section.
  • Effectiveness: We understand that healthcare providers need answers quickly – you don’t have time to read large summary paragraphs. We now summarize the data for each condition in 1-2 quick sentences right after the condition name. Basically, does it work or not? If you want to dive deeper, click on the “details” button to review the research. We’re not removing information, we’re just making it easier to understand and more efficient to use.
  • Dosing & Administration: This section will now provide only general dosing information, such as common, relatively well-studied dosing for each age group and route of administration. You’ll find condition-specific clinical dosing in the Effectiveness section moving forward. This should make it easier for you to find the condition-specific data you’re looking for all in one place.
  • Adverse Effects: We now list the most common and most serious adverse effects at the top of the section. If you want to dive deeper into specific body systems you still can, but we make it easier for you to spot the most important side effects at the beginning of the section.

You’ll also notice some visual upgrades now live for all of our topics. We moved links to our Patient Handouts to the top left corner so you can quickly access consumer-friendly data in three languages. The scientific name and family have been moved under the monograph name so they’re easier to spot. We’ve also added a toolbar at the bottom of the monograph. This bar gives you easy access to our Interactions Checker and allows you to jump around the monograph to important sections.

Coming very soon, our detailed content will be collapsed to make it easier to scan, but you will always be able to expand each section individually or expand all sections to see the detailed information.

What do you think of these changes? We’re eager to make our content as user-friendly as possible. Let us know!

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