April 2023

Interaction Checker: FAQs on Ratings and Updates

Our Interaction Checker remains our most widely used and asked about tool. We’ve noticed an uptick in questions about how individual interactions are rated and how often it’s updated. Here’s a quick review.

The interaction checker screens for interactions between conventional drugs and supplements, including multi-ingredient supplement products. Data is pulled from our Commercial Products database, making it easier to check between several products and drugs at once. Each interaction is rated Major, Moderate, or Minor to help users determine which are most clinically relevant. The ratings account for the severity of the interaction, how likely it is to occur, and the level of evidence available.

New evidence emerges on a regular basis, so ratings aren’t set in stone, and new interactions are frequently added. For example, an interaction between apple juice and Organic Anion-Transporting Polypeptide substrates (OATP) was recently upgraded from Moderate to Major, since there’s been an increase in evidence showing that this interaction is likely to occur. An interaction between lithium and apple juice was also added. It’s rated as moderate – since the available evidence is limited to one case report. We also recently overhauled our progesterone monograph to only discuss supplement products. Since progesterone supplements contain much lower quantities of progesterone than prescription products, we downgraded the interaction ratings accordingly.

Keep in mind that because we're a natural products database, the checker doesn't cover drug-drug interactions. It also doesn’t include supplement-supplement interactions, but these can be found within our individual monographs. We’ll continue to update you on any major rating changes or new and notable interactions. Give our checker a try, and review our evidence-based rating system to learn more.

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