January 2023

New CE: Natural Psychedelics – A Trip Worth Taking?

Interest in natural psychedelics as medical treatments has been bubbling up for some time, especially for mental health. But up until recently, there hasn’t been any reliable data about what role they may play in treating certain conditions. We’re excited to announce a new 1-hour CE course tackling this topic. Patients are asking about these therapies – providers need to be prepared to discuss them.

AyahuascaHawaiian baby woodroseibogapsilocybinpeyote, and Salvia divinorum are among the most commonly discussed natural psychedelics. We’ll evaluate the evidence for each – including mechanism of action, clinical effects, safety, and potential interactions with conventional medications. Natural psychedelics also pose a unique set of considerations. Most of these substances are classified as Schedule I controlled substances in the US. This legal hurdle presents specific challenges. There are also research considerations outside of the legal roadblocks, including appropriate blinding, controlled environments, and patient expectations. We’ll discuss the impact these challenges have on the evidence.

Developing research on natural psychedelics continues to grab headlines and pique patient interest – providers need to know where things stand now and how to critically evaluate new claims to come. Our new CE is now available – check it out!

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