July 2023

New Resource: FDA Ingredient Directory

The FDA recently launched a new directory to help users locate information about specific ingredients used in products marketed as dietary supplements. It’s called the Dietary Supplement Ingredient Directory. We’ve developed a new resource of our own to help users understand this data.

With 26 ingredients and counting in our resource, we’ve placed ingredients from the FDA Directory into one of the following categories:

  • Ingredients with Adverse Effects & Safety Concerns
  • Ingredients Considered Adulterated
  • Ingredients Considered Misbranded
  • Ingredients Not Considered a Dietary Supplement

Ingredients that fall into multiple categories are grouped with the most serious category – details on other relevant categories are included under the General Statement column. We also provide direct links to ingredient monographs, commercial products containing each ingredient, other commonly used names, and clinical concerns when necessary.

We’re keeping our eye on the FDA resource to ensure we capture new information as it’s added. Check it out!

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