May 2024

Melatonin Concerns Ongoing

Despite efforts to educate consumers on safe melatonin use and storage, increased emergency department (ED) visits from accidental melatonin ingestion remain a concern. Here’s the latest.

There were about 11,000 ED visits involving kids and infants consuming melatonin while unsupervised between 2019 and 2022 – this accounted for 7% of all ED visits due to unsupervised medication exposures in kids. About half of these visits involved children under 5 years-old and were due to flavored melatonin gummies or chewables.

The CDC is urging parents to store all dietary supplements in sealed containers and out of the reach of children – particularly products like gummies that could easily be confused with candy. The CDC also explains that melatonin products aren’t required to use child-resistant packaging, but choosing products that do is a good idea if you have small kids.

Lastly, remind parents that while melatonin is likely safe when used appropriately in adults, they should only intentionally give melatonin to their kids if there is a medical reason to do so – healthy kids shouldn’t be taking melatonin on a regular basis to fall asleep. Check out our recently updated monograph to learn more.

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