February 2013

Fish Oil May Benefit Hemodialysis Patients

A new study suggests that long chain omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death in hemodialysis patients.

In cases of severe kidney damage or kidney failure, hemodialysis may be administered. Dialysis is a method of removing toxic substances and waste from the blood because dysfunctional kidneys cannot perform this function. Sudden cardiac death is the main cause of mortality in hemodialysis patients.

Omega-3 fatty acids may provide a wide range of health benefits, including reductions in the risk of coronary heart disease and regulating cholesterol.

In the recent study, researchers collected data on 100 hemodialysis patients who experienced sudden cardiac death and 300 hemodialysis patients who survived. Researchers divided all included individuals into four groups depending on the concentration of long chain omega-3 fatty acid in their blood.

The group with the highest level of long chain omega-3 fatty acids was at a significantly lower risk for sudden cardiac death than the group with the lowest level of long chain omega-3 fatty acids. This association was still significant after controlling for other diseases and dietary fat intake.

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