January 2013

Turnip Extract May Increase Good Cholesterol

According to a recent study, turnip extract may increase good cholesterol in overweight adults.

Turnips are a member of the Brassica genus. The Brassica vegetables have many nutrients and biochemical substances. More importantly, these vegetables enhance the body's cancer-fighting abilities, possess antioxidant effects and remove harmful chemical additives, such as radiation. A previous study showed that consumption of Brassica vegetables, particularly cabbage, has cholesterol-lowering effects in people with high cholesterol.

In the new study, 58 overweight individuals were randomly assigned to a turnip group or a control group. The turnip group consumed two grams daily of a turnip extract for ten weeks, while the control group consumed a starch placebo. Neither the researchers nor the participants were aware of the group assignments.

After ten weeks, the turnip group had significantly higher HDL ("good") cholesterol and reduced free fatty acids in the blood, compared to before the study. Significant differences in body weight and fasting blood glucose were lacking.

For more information about Brassica vegetables, please visit Natural Standard's Foods, Herbs & Supplements Database.


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  2. Natural Standard: The Authority on Integrative Medicine. 

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