June 2023

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COVID-19: The Latest on Zinc, Vitamin D
Cannabinoids Getting COVID-19 Attention
COVID-19: Sniffing Out Treatments for Loss of Smell
COVID-19: Should Kids be Taking “Immune Booster” Supplements?
Do Natural Medicines Interact with COVID-19 Vaccines or Treatments?
COVID-19: First Clinical Trials on Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D
Combatting the Aches and Pains from COVID-19 Quarantine
COVID-19: What to Tell Patients About Vitamin D
COVID-19: Why Ashwagandha & Adaptogens Are Growing in Popularity
COVID-19: Warn Patients About Poisonous Oleander Extract
New Recommendations: Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies & COVID-19
COVID-19 & Supply Chain Effects on Dietary Supplement Industry
Concerns About Biotin Interference with COVID-19 Test
Help Patients Address COVID-19 Quarantine-Related Weight Gain
Vitamin Deficiencies and Recommendations for COVID-19
Understanding Turmeric & Echinacea COVID-19 Warnings
Natural Medicines for Anxiety During COVID-19 Pandemic
Tips on Using Natural Medicines During COVID-19: Finding the Data You Need
Addressing Questions About High-Dose Vitamin C for COVID-19
Clear Up Confusion About Elderberry in COVID-19 Patients
Don't Rely on Natural Products and "Immune Boosters" for COVID-19 Prevention
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