November 2016

FTC Issues Statement on Homeopathic Drugs

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced a new policy that homeopathicproducts will require supportive scientific evidence for any health-related efficacy or safety claims. This change will hold homeopathic products to the same standards as other products advertising health claims.

Homeopathic products usually contain extreme dilutions of herbs, minerals, or other substances. Common homeopathic ingredients include aconitearnicabelladonna,chamomileironmagnesiumnux vomicapoison ivy, and many others. These products are often so dilute that they do not contain any detectable amount of the original active ingredients.

This policy change will allow for the continued use of traditional theory statements in marketing claims as long as they are clearly identified as such and not misleading the consumer to believe that they are based on scientific evidence.

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